The Australian Institute of Search Engine Optimisation

The Australian Institute of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) provides a range of face to face SEO and online digital marketing courses.

Learn the latest best practice search engine optimisation methodologies, techniques and tactics to help you increase your presence on Google and attract more customers to your business.

Why You Need to Learn SEO

SEO and content marketing are vital parts of the marketing that every small business, start up, internet entrepreneuer, or web designer needs to master to be successful online.

Most people today use the internet to search for information on products, services and business.

If your website does not show up on the first page of Google when a potential customers searches for using keywords that relate to your type of business,  you business is in serious trouble.

Everyone Google's today... just like you do.

Understanding how the Google algorithm works and learning how to get your website top the top of Google will make a massive difference to how many leads and sales your business receives.

The future is coming fast and UNLESS you take the time to master content marketing driven SEO your business future could be in jeaopardy.

The Australian Institute of SEO teaches business owners how to do their own seo using latest best practice search engine optimisation methodologies approved by Google.

AISEO SEO Courses:

  • Beginner SEO Course - SEO Essentials for Small Business
  • Intermediate SEO Course - Content Marketing & SEO Mastery 101
  • Advanced SEO Course - Content Marketing & SEO Mastery 2.0
  • Local SEO Course - How GEO Target Your Website with SEO
  • Underground SEO Secrets  - Smart SEO Strategies To Maximise Growth

Digital Marketign Courses:

  • Wordpress SEO Course - WordPress SEO Mastery
  • Blogging for SEO - How to Use Blogging to Boost SEO Rankings
  • Beginner Web Design Course - Easily Build a 5 Page Website (no technical experience required)
  • Social Media Marketing Essentials - How to Use Social Media to Attract More Customers



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